Grooming Services

Ivor Veterinary Clinic

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Grooming Services

Before each grooming appointment, we offer a free grooming consult.

Vaccine Requirements: DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines. We also ask that your pet be up to date on flea and tick preventative.

Ivor Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer clients three customized grooming packages: 

The Essential package will meet your basic needs, plus leave your pooch feeling pampered. We start with an ear cleaning and gentle plucking, nail trim and coat brushing. The visit finishes with a massaging bath and a styling blow dry.

The Classic will have your dog looking it’s best. We start with ear cleaning/plucking, face and feet trim, and sanitary trim followed by a toe nail trim and coat brushing. A deep massaging bath, anal gland expression, and a styling blow dry completes your pooches Classic Package.

The Works package is a complete doggy spa day. We start out with ear cleaning/plucking, sanitary trim,  and nail trim. Next, we shape your dog’s coat with a full-body, custom hair style. Afterwards, we brush out, then off to the tub for a relaxing bath and anal gland expression. A stylized blow dry finishes off your pups spa day. 

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